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Custom Metal Fabrication Solutions

We offer high-quality custom metal fabrication services for your unique needs.

Don't settle for fabrication services that don't exceed your expectations.

At Wiseman Brothers Fabrication, we are family oriented fabrication shop that is dedicated to providing top quality fabrication services with unmatched craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver your projects on schedule without compromising on quality, all for a great price.

We're Committed To:

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Impeccable Craftsmanship

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Competitive Pricing

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On-Time Project Completion

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High-Quality Guarantee

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25+ Years Of Experience

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Competitive Pricing

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Our Metal Fabrication Services

metal fabricator

We offer high-quality custom metal fabrication services for your unique needs.

machining service

We offer a turnkey operation that combines the use of advanced CNC and manually operated machinery to deliver high quality results.

other services

We offer many other additional services such as Refractory Services, RTO Systems, and more.

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Your Project Done Right.

You deserve for your project to be done right, on time, and for a good price.

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We've spent more than 25 years helping people just like you.


70+ Employees

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On-Site CWI Inspectors

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25+ Years Experience

certified welders

CWI Certified Welders

We Make It Easy For You

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Step 1: Contact

Contact us for a free quote, and to give us information about your project.

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Step 2: Fabricate

Once the design and specifications are finalized, our experienced fabricators will transform your vision to a finished product.

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Step 3: Delivery

We seamlessly handle the delivery logistics and ensure your finished product is safely transported and flawlessly set up at your desired location.

Your One-Stop Shop

At Wiseman Brother Fabrication, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your diverse fabrication needs. Our skilled team excels in custom metal fabrication and machining solutions. If you require truck tanks, environmental containers, or customized storage solutions, we have the expertise to design and fabricate products that meet your specific requirements.



Additionally, we provide systems and equipment installation services. With our construction expertise, we can assist in constructing structures tailored to your needs. Our capabilities extend to RTOs (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers), laser and plasma services, refractory services, and more, providing you with a comprehensive solution for whatever your metal fabrication needs may be.

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