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Additional Fabrication Services

No matter the scope of your project, Wiseman Brothers has you covered with any service you require.

Don't settle for compromised quality, exorbitant costs, or missed deadlines.

At Wiseman Brother's Fabricating & Steel, we pride ourselves with impeccable craftsmanship, cost-effective solutions, and unwavering commitment to a timely project completion, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

We're Committed To:

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Impeccable Craftsmanship

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Competitive Pricing

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On-Time Project Completion

Our Additional Services

No matter what service you need, we've got you covered.

Tanks &


storage containers



plasma cutting

Systems Installation

systems installation



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Equipment Installation

equpiment installation

Refractory Services

refractory systems



construction installation



We Make It Easy For You

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Step 1: Contact

Contact us for a free quote, and to give us information about your project.

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Step 2: Fabricate

Once the design and specifications are finalized, our experienced fabricators will transform your vision to a finished product.

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Step 3: Delivery

We seamlessly handle the delivery logistics and ensure your finished product is safely transported and flawlessly set up at your desired location.

Tanks & Containers

Truck tanks, environmental containers, and specialized storage needs are just a few of the containment systems we offer here at Wiseman Brothers. Custom fabricated at our plant to fit your truck, rack system or site is all done at our facility and delivered to you ready to use. Roll forming, valve placement, Stainless-Aluminum-Carbon Steel welding, painting, assembly and all other aspects are performed right here at our shops. 

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Equipment Installation

Our equipment installation capabilities are second to none. The ability to disassemble, relocate, and reinstall your equipment and systems allows us to provide you with unsurpassed service all in one shop. From initial planning and scheduling to final destination and installation, our team can provide the know how and experience to meet your manufacturing equipment challenges and needs.

Systems Installation

We realize you may need more than just the products we manufacture. They also require installation and maintenance for their business. Our team of qualified technicians can install the various systems that make your business perform more efficiently and safely. Everything from anchorage for equipment mounting to safety railing and guards for your manufacturing line, our team will come to your business and get your systems up and running.

Construction Services

Here at Wiseman Brothers we have recognized the need to be a full service turnkey operation. With staff members that have extensive experience in the commercial construction arena, we can provide more than just fabricating services. Whether it be building repair & maintenance or site improvements, let our team handle all of your facility maintenance needs. Some of our services include:

 - Handrail, Stringer And Stairs

 - Metal Building Custom Flashing And Repairs

 - Interior Facility Maintenance And Repairs

 - Painting And Maintenance Of Silos, Tanks And Containment

 - Site Safety Railing, Guardrails And Bollard Post

 - Support Buildings And Storage Facilities

 - Miscellaneous Concrete Repair And Equipment Pads

 - Metal Roof And Wall Panel Repair And Installation

 - Mezzanine Structures, Joist, Deck And Installation

 - Trenching


Plasma Cutting

We utilize cutting-edge technology such as state-of-the-art CAD and inventor drawing programs. These advanced tools enable us to precisely dimension and fabricate your parts according to your exact specifications. This ensures that the final product meets your specific needs. Our plasma cutting services will take your projects to the next level of precision and efficiency.

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RTO Systems

We stand as an industry leader, drawing from our extensive experience in fabricating and delivering RTO Environmental systems. As a one-stop-shop for our customers, we handle the entire project from raw materials to final assembly in-house at our Beaver, Ohio, plant. This seamless process includes drawing transfers, parts fabrication, electrical systems, gas piping, painting, refractory work, and assembly. With our experienced team, you no longer need to secure multiple contractors – Wiseman Brothers does it all.

Refractory Systems

In industries where heat-intensive processes are required – such as metals, refinery, glass, and cement – Wiseman Brothers stands as a beacon of top-quality refractory services. We have high quality equipment for whatever your needs are, including an oven with temperatures of up to 800 degrees. 

The entire sequence consisting of drawing transfers, parts fabrication, electrical systems, gas piping, painting, refractory and assembly to shipment to the your desired location is performed at one of our shops, so there is no need for multiple contractors

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We offer a turnkey operation that combines the use of advanced CNC and manually operated machinery. This combination allows us to achieve the highest levels of quality and productivity, making no project too small or too large for our skilled team to handle. Whether you require custom, complex, or high-production components, we have the capabilities to deliver outstanding results, no matter your needs. 

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